søndag 11. august 2013

Shipping off

"Tall Tales from the Trail" has been completed, and is currently in the process of being shipped into various cracks and corners of the world. Most festivals will announce their screenings later this autumn, others a bit earlier. So while we play the waiting game, here's some thoughts I've had with the production still fresh in mind:

I wrote something related to this, 
but changed my mind. Please 
enjoy it regardless.
  • When working solo, keeping yourself motivated might sometimes be quite the chore. When talking to yourself doesn't lead anywhere, try getting a second opinion.
  • Working continuously over a longer period of time is always better than bits and pieces now and then. The first option is a luxury on an unfunded project.
  • Animation isn't just visual. Music, voices, sound effects... Jam it in there!
  • A broken computer will slow down your workflow about a 1000%. Get a new one. Your body will adjust to the starvation after a while.
  • Start every day with a list!

I'll keep this list updated when more comes to mind. Can't get enough of those lists!