mandag 6. februar 2012

First peek of animation

Here's a small preview of Nathan the Lakeprince going through the Lake City with the fisherman. The video compression is horrible, but you can fill in the gaps with the power of imagination. Use the POI to give Nathan a mouth as well.

Some backgrounds (for your eyes only)

The underwater city of Permadesco.

The city entrance.

One of the bar angles.

The praire. Still work in progress.

fredag 3. februar 2012

Project overview

Tall Tales from the Trail is an animated short following three different "tall tales" as told by the No Name Cowboy, your archetypical laconic wrangler. The title and story frame is based on the horror anthology series "Tales from the Crypt" and the comics by the same name (or variations thereof). Themes vary from supernatural encounters to more common tales of human interactions, all woven in a web of thrills, adventure, action and eroticism.

Animatic sketch of the No Name Cowboy.
The Cryptkeeper from the TV series. No relation.

Below you can find some chosen stills from the animatic. Note that these are just sketches not to be seen in the finished movie.

"The Lake Venture"
A unvolentary voyage to the depths of the local lake leads to life-changing consequences for this lone fisherman.

"The Drunkards"
When two drunkards endulge in a night of bile-drinking, the drive home turns lethal.


"The Old Huntsman"
An old hunter finds himself facing his prey in the after-life.